About Us

GMH-TRAILER-PINKGMH started from the ground up in 1999. Initially acting as an agent representing other trucking companies in 2003 GMH was granted its brokerage authority. Shortly thereafter was granted its motor carrier authority.  GMH has and continues to be a service driven company that takes great pride in providing its customers the best trucking service possible.  As the company has grown over the years, we have continued to add like minded, team orientated staff that work toward the common goal of servicing our customers to the highest standards.

Our resume of customers includes a wide variety of shippers, from global billion dollar corporations to small family run businesses.  No matter how large or small, GMH will always work very hard to meet its customers’ shipping and trucking expectations.  We are a proud member of the Vermont Truck & Bus Association, and the National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC).