Carrier Assets

  • We have en entire fleet of trucking and carrier assets at your disposal. We only select and maintain the highest quality equipment ensuring your loads arrive on time and in perfect conditions. Vermont trucking has never been easier, safer or more efficient. When service counts we shine.

Dry Vans

GMH Trans Dry Van
GMH Dry Van

GMH Transportation owns nearly one hundred 53' food-grade dry vans. Every one is equipped with Air-Ride, wooden floors, and logistics "E-Tracks" to ensure your load is safely secured. Our van trailers are perfect for any freight from paper, to grocery, to electronics and coupled with our generous $200,000 cargo insurance there's virtually no limit to what commodity we can move.


  • A GMH Trans Reefer VanIn addition to our van fleet, GMH Transportation also operates thirty-five 53' Space-Saver reefers. All are well maintained and kept up to food-grade standards for all your temperature-controlled need. Each reefer is equipped with Air Chutes to ensure even temperatures for your entire load; perfect for anything from frozen foods to keeping product room-temperature in the winter.

Roll-Tite Conestoga

gmh_rolll tite trailer

  • Roll-Tite trailers, also known as Conestoga trailers, are flatbed trailers that have a retractable rack and curtain system set up. The entire rack can be pulled back and forth in order to load freight with a forklift and then provide protection to the freight once it is secured and ready to ship.